Hill thinks Verstappen is very lucky this season

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Hill thinks Verstappen is very lucky this season
Hill thinks Verstappen is very lucky this season (Provided by Sport World News)

Damon Hill believes Max Verstappen is ‘enchanted’ this season and has been given a key dose of luck that could lead him to the title against main rival Lewis Hamilton. After starting the last race of the Russian Grand Prix due to a change of engine - receiving a penalty, Verstappen was on his way to reach sixth or seventh place in Sochi, a result that would significantly limit the damage to the title.

However, time played a new significant role and the race turned in his direction, followed by a timely departure to pit which brought the Dutchman second place. The same thing happened with Hamilton, who came to victory thanks to Norris' mistake.

Verstappen’s performance in Russia, along with his luck, tells Hill that the Red Bull driver is currently enjoying good karma. “You can understand why in ancient times people believed there were gods who favored certain sides in a fight, because I think he was definitely enchanted by these last few races,” the 1996 world champion said in the latest F1 Nation podcast.

“I know it was a very controversial thing in Monza, but the net result was that one race passed and he should have lost to Lewis, and he didn’t. But then, in this race (Russia) he had to lose the whole part. But it he did not." "So Christian (Horner) said it was like a win, and I think they were relieved."

Hill on Hamilton

Hill has been suggested that the driver’s luckiness will usually be balanced during the season.

For example, Verstappen was in a leading position in Azerbaijan, which turned into an incident due to a flat tire. But Hill claims that on that occasion Hamilton missed the opportunity to clearly take the lead, which would be a turnaround in the championship for the seven-time champion, but adds that neither the British nor Mercedes knew how to use it.

"Yes, there was no luck," Hill believes. "But it was also a Lewis or Mercedes mistake they didn't know how to take advantage of." Hill believes that Verstappen is much luckier than his main competitor for now "That's what I am talking.

If you look back through the season, it's like what does that indicate? This suggests that luckiness is more with Max than with Lewis. These things need to change, but we'll see. " "I'm sure he'd say 'what's up at Silverstone?' Lewis was lucky to keep going, things are so nicely balanced."