Porsche and Audi at the entrance to F1

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Porsche and Audi at the entrance to F1

Audi and Porsche will join the ranks of Formula 1 engine manufacturers in 2026 after it was agreed to leave the MGU-H. Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, makes it clear that the final decision on long-term regulations for powertrains will be made before next week's Turkish Grand Prix.

Ties between the two companies within the Volkswagen Group and Formula 1 have strengthened in the last few months since attending an F1 shareholder meeting at the Red Bull Ring this summer regarding the future direction of the engine.

It was then made clear that Audi and Porsche had set the condition that the MGU-H element must disappear from the premier class in order for them to join the premier class. Mercedes recently expressed support for the proposal, and German team boss Toto Wolff said: “MGU-H will be rejected if we manage to find compliance on many other points."

"I think it's a compromise - I can't speak for anyone else - but we are ready to enter Mercedes to make it easier for the Volkswagen Group to enter. "


Auto Motor und Sport now states that such a compromise has been reached: "F1 will give up MGU-H only if Audi and Porsche decide to enter the sport, and both teams come (to the sport)."

The report adds that the Formula 1 powertrain will be V6 from 2026 onwards and that the basic turbo architecture of the powertrain will remain unchanged, but that the electric power will reportedly rise to 350 kilowatts.

"Stefano Domenicali says things are looking good at the moment," they added. "The power train of the future will most likely be a V6, and there are rumors that all power will be directed around the rear axle."

Formula 1 want to make the new engines simpler and more cost-effective compared to current units, and giving up the MGU-H, which is used to recover or store turbocharger energy, is part of that plan. Ten Formula 1 teams have Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda powertrains under their chassis.

The Japanese manufacturer (Honda) is retiring from the sport at the end of this year, and in 2022; Red Bull Powertrains will supply two teams owned by Austrian energy drink giant. The entry of Audi and Porsche in 2026 would inevitably lead to a proposal to link one of them to Red Bull.

Certainly, such a move would cause even greater interest in Formula 1 and it would be interesting looking the new faces.