Hamilton: "Bottas is the first teammate I really communicate with"

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Hamilton: "Bottas is the first teammate I really communicate with"

Lewis Hamilton believes he has never had a teammate like Valtteri Bottas and emphasizes that he is the only one he has really communicated with. The Briton emphasize the importance of helping each other improve within Mercedes without hiding anything.

The seven-time world champion admitted a few weeks ago that Bottas is the best teammate he has ever had. When it comes to rivalry, Hamilton returns Valtteri’s name to the table. “I recently commented on my current teammate and said he is the best teammate, but we need to see what that definition means.

We are a sport in which we are trying to win two different championships." "We are both trying to win the title of driver, but it is also our job to win the title of constructor, so we have to work together, ”Hamilton told Sky Italia.

He believes that the Finnish driver was the first teammate in Formula 1 with whom he really communicated. “For the first time, I had a teammate with whom I really communicated. You know I tried this…? I had that feeling… We don't hide anything from each other, trying to improve each other, helping each other to be our best version, ”he added.

Hamilton also shared garages with Fernando Alonso, Heikki Kovalainen, Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg. With all of them, he believes he has failed to maintain the same relationship with either, personally and professionally, as with Bottas.

“This has never happened to other drivers before. It’s something unique, and as a human being it’s great, once you leave the track, you speak like gentlemen. No tricks, ”he assures.


Alonso was Hamilton’s first teammate in F1 when he joined the McLaren team in 2007.

It was a turbulent year for both the team and both drivers. Lewis admits, like Fernando, that he didn’t know how to manage the situation. “Honestly, it depends on what period in my life we ​​are talking about.

When I was a kid I met Alonso, he was enthusiastic and talented, but I didn’t know how to manage." "Then I found myself in different positions with Kovalainen, Jenson and Nice. I learned different things from each of them, ”he continued.

All the teammates Hamilton had gave him different things because he believes there is always mutual learning. Although the relationship with Valtteri was the best, he admits it would not change anything in the relationship he had with the drivers with whom he shared a garage.

“Everyone was challenging, you can never ignore your teammate because you will learn from him or vice versa. Mistakes can be made. I wouldn’t change anything on my journey with them, for better or for worse, ”Hamilton said.