Verstappen: "Russell’s success depended on the car"

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Verstappen: "Russell’s success depended on the car"

Max Verstappen says George Russell is a very good driver, but he thinks the FW43B Williams car is also not as bad as people think. The future Mercedes driver has been enjoying excellent performance lately, winning points in four of the last five races and qualifying twice among the top three.

The young Briton had not won a single point for Williams before, and the Grove team entered the top 10 two seasons ago, more precisely in the 2019 season, when Robert Kubica finished in 10th place at the German Grand Prix.

While praising the 23-year-old, Verstappen also believes the British team’s car is not as bad as some believe. "George is certainly a very, very good driver," said the Dutchman. "But when you can do things like that, it also shows that the car isn't as bad as people think."

“He won points and had good qualifiers, and certainly in Spa, that car is not a Red Bull or a Mercedes, but they also drove with more wings and more downforce. So naturally everything starts to get closer. " “Despite that, he still did an amazing job, but I think people need to understand that this car isn’t as bad as people think it is,” the Red Bull driver stressed.

Robson on Russell

Dave Robson, Williams ’head of performance, disagrees with Verstappen’s comments, but admits the car played a big role in improving the results. He also believes that the team’s ability to make the right decisions, especially in changing conditions, is a big factor.

"Yes, the car is a factor," says Robson. "If it was really bad, we would not be able to achieve those results. We didn't add any wings to the car. I think what we’re doing well is to generally get to the right part of the track at the right time.

In general, with a few exceptions in George's case Q1 (in Russia). " “It seems that in these conditions we manage to find a good grip on medium tires, and in this case, (transition) to soft at the end. But they were working to get to them early enough.

" "The car certainly has some advantages compared to last year's car. There are some advantages - it's not terrible, "Robson explained. Russell is obviously driving great this season and has huge ambitions and goals for the season.

Certainly, the fact that he will play for Mercedes gives him extra strength and motivation to show that he is ready for the best Formula 1 team at the moment.