Charles Leclerc sympathizes with Norris over his lost victory at Sochi

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Charles Leclerc sympathizes with Norris over his lost victory at Sochi

Charles Leclerc sympathizes with Norris over his lost victory at Sochi, but says the McLaren driver will soon come away with his first win. Norris led most of the race in Russia, but twisted when it started to rain heavily.

He was then on dry tires because he didn’t go to the pits to change tires like many drivers behind him. He ended up in seventh place. Leclerc who also rejected the team’s call to replace the tires during the transition period sympathizes with Norris and says he understands how he feels.

"I can imagine how he feels because this is also part of the decision-making process in such situations and he may feel great guilt. But he is an amazing driver." "I think he’s shown that often this season. He is driving very well this season and I think he will learn a lesson from all this.

" "It's only a matter of time before he gets his first victory. I don't think we should be sad after a race like this, "said Leclerc.


Leclerc says he was unable to go earlier to the pits for an intermediate tire because his teammate Sainz was in the garage at the time.

So he decided to take a risk and stay on dry tires. "At one point, it started to rain heavily and in those conditions we were very, very competitive. The second and last sectors were dry, especially the third sector was dry." "What we lost in the first sector due to the rain, we made up for in the last, so I decided to stay on the track.

" “Then I doubted in one lap, but Carlos was in front of me and he needed to go to the pit at the time, so I couldn’t go to the pit at the same time." "The lap later was already too late. At that moment, I knew that my race was over, but I decided to stay on dry tires, I hoped that the rain would weaken, but it did not happen.

" "I am disappointed with this race because the first part looked very good. There were some good overtaking, we had good speed and it is painful that we finished 15th, "added Leclerc. However, no one doubts that Leclerc and Norris will achieve a good result, given that they have shown this season that they really have talent, and that they can go far. It will be necessary for some things to coincide for them to succeed in their intentions