Max Verstappen pleased with second place

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Max Verstappen pleased with second place

Max Verstappen may be ‘oversatisfied’ with the outcome of the GP of Russia given that he is going to left Sochi with only 2 points behind Lewis Hamilton and given that he started the race from the last position.

After being penalized for changing the engine, and moving 3 places backwards on the starting grid due to a collision with Hamilton in Monza, Verstappen started last. He didn’t even set a time in yesterday’s qualifiers because the team wanted to save the new engine they put on him.

Verstappen says it was crucial to win second place to pick up rain tires to win second place. "It was quite difficult to make a decision when to switch to intermedia. But at one point it was very, very slippery on the track.

I think we went to the pits at the right time because if we had gone the lap earlier, I think we would probably have destroyed the tires in the back sector." "But of course, getting from the last place to the second is very good, "Verstappen said.


Verstappen was seventh before the rain started and it looked like he would experience a much bigger point kick. Although he lost the lead in the standings to Hamilton, the difference between the two is only 2 points, followed by tracks that should favor Red Bull’s car more.

"The race was not easy because it was very difficult to overtake. When you got stuck behind someone, it was very easy to damage the tires. But luckily the rain helped us make that last jump. " Verstappen says that given everything, he did not expect the race in Russia to end this well for him.

"Not bad. We had all those penalties, and we basically lost only one position. When I woke up this morning, I definitely did not expect such a result. " "A lot of things happened in the first lap , and even in the first stint.

Other cars were fighting. You have to stay away from problems, and I think we did it very well. Then came that crucial decision to move on to intermedia. Things turned out well, "Verstappen added. Verstappen did not hide his satisfaction with the second place after the race, so he said on the radio that he would ‘definitely take’ this result.

It is also obvious that he must be satisfied with everything after the penalty, and the most important thing is that he is still in the race for the title, which will seem to be uncertain until the very end.