Hamilton decided to change tactics regarding Verstappen

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Hamilton decided to change tactics regarding Verstappen

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff expects that there will be more battles between Hamilton and Verstappen by the end of the season because Hamilton has decided not to ‘give in’ to Verstappen anymore. The two title rivals clashed in the last race in Italy two weeks ago, and previously in Britain earlier this season they also caused a major incident in which Verstappen pulled a thick end.

There were other cases where a collision could have occurred: in Imola earlier this year, at the start of the race in Spain, and in Portugal. Wolff says that Hamilton has decided to be more aggressive and that he will not ease up to Verstappen in the next ‘clashes’.

"There has been a change in approach. Lewis has more or less decided not to ease up anymore when he thinks the corner is his, ”Wolff said. Wolff adds that both drivers must be prepared to give up in the duel or there will be new collisions.

"It takes two for tango. Mutual understanding is needed on the track when a collision can be avoided. They’re in cars, we can’t have an impact on how they drive." Wolff is aware that both drivers will have to think carefully about the tact during the race, because situations like this could be more and more frequent if both approach aggressively.

Driving style

It is obvious that the driving style will have to be different for both drivers, because it is a pity that two top drivers lose on such things. "They know much better than us how they race and it’s interesting to watch.

They both know what they are doing. If they wanted to avoid collisions, we would have fewer collisions." "If they don’t avoid collisions because they think it’s right not to give in to each other, then there will be more collisions.

We don't sit in cars, "said Wolff. Although this year’s title fight between Verstappen and Hamilton is very intense, Wolff believes they both have respect for each other. "Good drivers recognize good drivers.

As for driving, I think they respect each other a lot, as they respect some other drivers on the track." Verstappen and Hamilton are perhaps the two most motivated drivers, but obviously they have to “put the ball down” if they don’t want things like that to happen.

In any case, an interesting race for the title awaits us. "Their personalities are very different, they live very different lives, but that has no effect on respecting each other's abilities, "added the Mercedes boss.