Sainz: "Ferrari is facing an interesting experiment"

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Sainz: "Ferrari is facing an interesting experiment"

Carlos Sainz says the Italian team will have an interesting experiment because his teammate Charles Leclerc will get a new power unit at the Russian Grand Prix. The Spaniard did not finish ahead of his teammate from the Austrian Grand Prix.

That should change in Sochi, and Carlos has also touched on Ferrari’s new engine. At the Red Bull Ring in July, Sainz finished fifth, while Leclerc crossed the finish line as eighth. Since then, Ferrari’s driving line-up has finished in the top ten in four races (Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Zandvoort and Monza), but Leclerc has been ahead each time.

The Spanish driver says he copied some elements of a teammate’s ride. “Charles has been driving for Ferrari for three years and knows the team and the car. I'm still coming. I even copied certain elements of his driving style to get more out of the car, ”explains Sainz.

"A few weeks ago I said I finally needed a smooth weekend to get the best out of the car and myself, and that hasn't changed - because I didn't have the perfect weekend in Monza." After the race in Italy, Carlos clarified some details of his incident, which he characterized as major.

"I still don't understand why the car got out of my control. I have no explanation for the incident. The Ferrari was a neutral complete weekend at Ascari, but obviously I have to be more careful when I press the gas in the middle of a corner.

That's the only explanation I have, "Carlos said of the Monza incident.


Is there always the same explanation for the three incidents in Budapest, Zandvoort and Monza? Carlos continued: "No, it was three different situations.

In Budapest, I was caught in a gust of wind, which had never happened to me before in a race car. In Zandvoort, I got off the race line a bit, which was a pure Commenting on the duel between Ferrari and McLaren, Sainz says: "They currently have the advantage, but we still do not admit defeat in the fight for third place.

Before Monza, we knew we would be tough on our own soil against the British - but we still managed to achieve a pretty good result." "In Sochi, things should be better. Our simulation shows that we will be pretty good here, perhaps with the exception of the fast 1st sector.

Charles Leclerc will have a new power unit in Sochi, when will Carlos get a new power unit? “Charles has a problem with losing an engine in Hungary. I am in a better schedule with three allowed (drive) units per season.

” "It will be an interesting experiment for Ferrari in Russia to see a new engine in action. As for me, I have to find a smart balance. There may come a point where we cannot avoid using a fourth engine and the appropriate penalty, but it has to happen on a track where I can overtake, ”said Carlos Sainz.