Marcell Jacobs: "Lewis Hamilton, you are my idol!"

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Marcell Jacobs: "Lewis Hamilton, you are my idol!"

The English Lewis Hamilton and the Italian 100-meter Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs, met in Monza. Mercedes, the F1 team that is fighting for the victory of the 2021 Formula 1 World Championships, has published on its social media the video of the meeting between its driver and the Italian sprinter.

The Italian sprinter said to the Formula 1 champion: "You are my idol." Then Jacobs asks him to wear his gold medal and Hamilton jokes: "You should add some diamonds!" Eventually the two compare their respective sports, talking about the importance of a good start.

The Rock praised Kevin Owens

When we talk about The Rock we are dealing not only with one of the most important superstars in WWE history, but also with a most recognizable character in history, a well-known Hollywood actor and profile with about 268 million followers on his Instagram account.

The wrestler occasionally participates in roles in WWE, is engaged in other issues and is obviously present only when he can in the company that launched and made him famous. It's been a while since we haven't seen The Rock on-screen in Vince McMahon's company.

Despite being absent from the world's leading wrestling company, The Rock interacts daily with WWE Universe fans and other superstars via social networks. In the last few hours The People's Champion intervened in a tweet from superstar Kevin Owens replying to a fan.

A fan posted a tweet saying his father was in intensive care, his father was a WWE fan he hated among company wrestlers Kevin Owens and Adam Cole. With a nice tweet KO responded to the fan by releasing the following statements: "Tell your father that I hope he will recover as soon as possible, deep down he knows he is a big fan of mine and maybe hums my theme song."

The posted message did not go unnoticed, had several interactions and retweets and was reposted by The Rock himself who praised both Adam Cole and Kevin Owens. Here is his comment: "We all beat John Cena, so we can't help but celebrate (The Rock commented in a funny way), also I wish your father to get better after this period and I must say that Kevin Owens and Adam Cole are two of the best in the world, so surely your father knows his stuff," concluded the well-known wrestler.

For both wrestlers the future could be outside the WWE: or rather, for Adam Cole his future is called All Elite Wrestling while sensational rumors have sprung up about Kevin Owens in the last hours, regarding his possible arrival in the company of Tony Khan.