Alpine believe they will be faster in Sochi than in Monza

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Alpine believe they will be faster in Sochi than in Monza

Alpine CEO Marcin Budkowski believes his team will be more competitive in the next race in Russia than at Monza in Italy as Sochi should be more suited to their car. Although Alpine did not expect much from Monza, due to the engine power deficit that has hardly improved since 2020 and the chassis they have been using since 2019, Alonso and Ocon managed to finish eighth and tenth and continue a series of points for the team running from the second race season in Imola.

Budkowski is optimistic that Sochi will be more suited to their car and that they can return to the fight for positions between the points. “Going to Sochi after Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, we believe it is a track that should allow us to return to a better level of competitiveness than at Monza which we knew was a track that would not match the characteristics of our car,” Budkowski said.

"We've won points in the last 13 races and we know that level of consistency will be important in our close fight for fifth place in the constructors' standings." "Both drivers are constantly winning points, Fernando and Esteban are the most evenly matched drivers this season, which shows how strong our lineup is."

“They work well together and we enjoy their ability to put pressure on each other and push the whole team forward. The race is fierce and fair and we aim to continue winning points with both drivers. ” “I think we will be more competitive in Sochi,” Ocon said.

"Last year we finished fifth and seventh and it would be great to repeat something similar this year. The fight for the fifth place in the constructors' standings is very close and the nuances will decide. " "If we can keep our form and continue to win points with both drivers then we know we will have a chance until the end of the season."

Alonso on the track

Alonso has missed the last two races in Russia, but has a lot of experience on that track as he has competed in the first five races held on that track. “I’ve raced to Sochi five times so it will be good to come back this weekend,” Alonso said.

“I haven’t had a good Saturday here in the past, but I’ve managed to make up for a lot of positions in the races. We will see if we can put everything together properly this year. ” "I had a very good race in 2016 [at McLaren Honda] because we advanced eight positions."

“The track is quite fast and wide so it helps in racing. You need a car that is fast on the routes so it will be interesting to see how we deal with the others. ”