Whitmarsh signed a contract with Aston Martin

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Whitmarsh signed a contract with Aston Martin

Martin Whitmarsh will become the new CEO of the Aston Martin Performance Technologies division, which according to owner Lawrence Stroll is another step on their way to the top of Formula 1. Whitmarsh was a member of the McLaren F1 team from 1989 to 2014, and during that period he was also the team boss at the time Hamilton won his first championship title in 2008.

The Briton will be the CEO of the Aston Martin Performance Technologies division who will be responsible for technology from their Formula 1 programs and in the field of road cars. "Martin will have leadership responsibilities and will assist and help me in setting new strategic goals for Aston Martin Performance Technologies and its affiliates, including the key goal of leading the transformation of Aston Martin into an organization that wins F1 titles over the next four to five years," said Stroll.

Whitmarsh has what Aston Martin needs and that is an experience he could help his team with. Obviously Whitmarsh is someone who knows a lot and whose knowledge is very important to Aston Martin "Martin has had a long and successful career in motorsport, the automotive industry, the space industry, the maritime industry and in the field of renewable energy."

"More importantly, he is a proven winner in F1 and is therefore the ideal person to work with me and our senior management to guide and inspire our workforce for future success on and off the track."

Whitmarsh and Stroll

Whitmarsh had only words of praise for the new boss and says he was inspired by his successes in all areas he dealt with.

Obviously, this duo could agree given that they are both big names in the world of Formula 1. Stroll is a special name and probably one of the most recognizable faces. Whitmarsh is aware of what kind of leader he will have the opportunity to work with, and he is happy for this opportunity.

“I have known and admired Lawrence for many years and have always been extremely impressed with his business and inexhaustible ambition,” Whitmarsh said. "Equally, I've always respected 'Team Silverstone,' if I may call them that, because they've often performed above expectations under previous team incarnations."

"Now they have the weight to shoot for more results than ever." Whitmarsh believes in his team and expects success "Lawrence wants Aston Martin to win F1 championships, very simply, and I wouldn't have joined them if I wasn't fully convinced it was achievable."