Prost will withdraw from F1 if they introduce reverse starting orders


Prost will withdraw from F1 if they introduce reverse starting orders

Four-time world champion Alain Prost says he will retire from the sport if bosses in the future vote for the idea of ​​a reverse starting order that is in effect in Formula 2 and Formula 3. Formula 1 has been exploring ways to become more interesting to a wider and younger audience in recent years, and this year they decided to try the sprint format of the weekend in three races.

The format has sparked divided opinions, especially after the rather boring sprint race at Monza, but F1 bosses want to wait for the third sprint weekend in Brazil before deciding the fate of the idea for 2022. Prost, who is currently Alpine’s F1 advisor, has won three titles for McLaren (1985, 1986 and 1989) and one for Williams (1993), but has also been a world runner-up four times.

and 1990) making him one of the greatest and most successful drivers of all time. The Frenchman says that it is good for Formula 1 to try new things, but that the idea of ​​reverse starting orders would be too much for him.

“I think it’s good for Formula 1 to try some things,” Prost said for Alpine’s podcast Prost in the Paddock. "But you have to understand why you want something." “You have to ask yourself why.

Formula 1 must remain traditional. We have to understand that the best car and the best driver win because they are the best, that's the whole idea of ​​F1. ” "I hate the idea of ​​reverse starting orders, I hate it." "If they introduce reverse starting ranges in Formula 1, I would leave the sport."

F2 and F3

This season in Formula 2 and Formula 3 the first sprint race is run based on the reverse order of the first 10 (F2) and first 12 (F3) drivers in qualifying while the starting order for the second sprint race is obtained by turning the same number of riders from the first sprint race.

The main Sunday race starts based on the results of the qualifications, and Formula 1 considered the introduction of reverse starting orders based on the ranking in the driver's championship with the leader in the championship starting last.

But for now, there is no mention of the introduction of such a format, but it is being considered in what form the sprint format should be kept for 2022 and for how many races, which was confirmed by Ross Brawn. “I think that’s the worst thing you can do to Formula 1,” Prost explained his stance on the reverse starting order.

"I'd rather watch the dominance of one team because they did the best job." "But I am very traditional. They also experimented with pole position points, which I was not happy with. ”