Horner: "Ferrari will be fighting for the top spot in 2022"

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Horner: "Ferrari will be fighting for the top spot in 2022"

Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner believes Ferrari will be competitive for the top spot again next year. After 2019, Ferrari fell into the middle of the order after controversy over the legality of their engine and major problems with the drive unit for 2020.

Many factors led to the fall of Ferrari, and certainly not an indisputable fact that due to the corona virus pandemic, the development of driving units was frozen. which made things even more difficult for Ferrari. The Italian team looks much better this year than in 2020.

They won two pole positions with three podiums and are fighting a fierce battle with McLaren for 3rd place in the constructors' standings. Ferrari has high hopes for a major change in the technical regulations in 2022, and they have an ace up their sleeve for this one as well.

Namely, since Ferrari is still using last year’s engine components, they can introduce new components, and they should do so at the Turkish GP (although this is still not 100% safe). It is speculated that this engine upgrade should bring them 10 to 15 hp, which could be an advantage in the fight with McLaren.

The next step for Ferrari is to return to the fight for the top of the standings, and Red Bull boss Christian Horner expects that the Italian team will be one of the competitors for the title from next year.

Horner praised drivers

Horner praised their two drivers, who are really in great shape this season and show that they can reach their full potential.

"They are a great team with two very good drivers (Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz). I expect that they will be competitors (for the title) from next year. They have improved their performance and their engine, and are preparing a new drive unit.

They will return, "Horner said. The changes for 2022 will be huge, and Horner says teams have no right to make a mistake because it could be very difficult to make up for potential shortcomings due to budget constraints.

"We are starting from zero. Some may interpret the rules better. It will be fascinating to watch the first part of next season. Due to budget constraints, it will be very difficult to recover if you take the wrong step. We must not make a mistake, "added Red Bull's boss.

It is obvious that teams in 2022 will be much more cautious given the budget constraints, and just such things could cost some teams