Horner believes the new rule is the reason for the long stop in the pit

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Horner believes the new rule is the reason for the long stop in the pit

Christian Horner revealed the reason why Max Verstappen spent 11 seconds in pit during the Italian Grand Prix. Reason? Human error. In late June, the FIA ​​informed all teams of its plan to, in order to increase safety, remove certain elements of automatism during pit stosp.

This meant that the cars in the pits would spend longer than had been the case in previous years. Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, already pointed out at the time that such a change would significantly slow down and "dilute" the time the car spends in boxing.

Nevertheless, the FIA ​​decided to implement its decision from the Belgian Grand Prix. Before the racing weekend in Italy, this new rule did not come to the fore. But during the Italian GP Red Bull, a team known for impressively short stops in pits, had big problems when Verstappen entered pit for a new set of tires.

Instead of the usual 2 seconds, which mechanics need to change tires, Verstappen spent 11.1 seconds in pit. The time that Verstappen lost was the reason that he and Lewis Hamilton found themselves wheel by wheel when entering the first corner, resulting in a collision after which both could not continue the race.

Horner after the race

After the race, Horner said he would investigate what led to such an unusually long stop in pit, and has now revealed the results of that investigation. The reason is a human error that is the result of the new FIA technical regulations we mentioned earlier.

“During the stoppage in pit, human errors occurred, and the reason for that is a new technical rule. Regardless, we need to learn from it, ”Horner wrote in his column on the Red Bull website, and continued: "Because of the slow pit, Max found himself on the track in a position he shouldn't have been.

Mercedes helped the whole situation because they also had a slower stop in the pit with Hamilton than is usually the case, so the two of them found themselves wheel by wheel." "They both knew how important it was to be ahead of each other because it was extremely difficult to overtake.

Max wanted to seize the opportunity, and Lewis was determined to keep his position. ” After the collision and giving up, both drivers blamed each other for causing the collision. But the referees concluded that Verstappen was the bigger culprit, and awarded him 3 places of punishment at the Grand Prix of Russia.