Massa believes Verstappen can win the title

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Massa believes Verstappen can win the title

Felipe Massa says he believes Max Verstappen can afford the risk in wheel-to-wheel fights with Lewis Hamilton given his consistency throughout the season as he has all the conditions to become a champion. Max Verstappen and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton are leading a very close fight for every point in every race since the start of the 2021 season this season.

At the very opening of the season at the Bahrain Grand Prix, they already had certain problems, mostly related to corner 4, in which the Dutchman overtook the Briton, but he had to regain his position due to crossing the boundaries of the track.

The first major incident followed at the British Grand Prix when a Red Bull driver ended up in the Silverstone barriers and suffered a 51G blow. A new incident happened at the last race: the Italian Grand Prix, when Hamilton and Verstappen found themselves wheel by wheel again: after this, both drivers had to give up the race.

Former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa expressed his opinion on the two biggest candidates for the title this season. “Verstappen has been flawless this year. I have to be honest, I can't even remember when he made a mistake, ”said Massa.

“It could be said that the incident with Lewis in Silverstone was a mistake, but it is not. The incidents between Hamilton and Verstappen are a logical consequence of the title fight, ”he added.

Aggressive driving

The former driver, Sauber, Ferrari, and Williams, who lost the title against Hamilton in 2008, assures that Verstappen must continue to drive aggressively and take risks with the Mercedes driver in order to continue the psychological pressure on his rival.

“Verstappen can and must take risks when fighting Hamilton; it’s also possible because they’re both fighting for the title, ”he explains. “It’s important for him not to take risks when he has to pass (other) drivers besides Lewis, then he has to stay calm.

However, when he is in a duel with Lewis, he can take all the risks to get ahead or threaten him. ” “When I look at how Verstappen is doing now, I think it’s mostly on the same grounds and he has to keep going.

This year, everything works for Verstappen, as he races himself (with Mercedes), but there is also the strength of his team and the car in his hands. ” "The fight for the title also means a psychological battle and that is why you have to stay focused.

Every point can make a difference and that is why Hamilton and Verstappen will continue to fight for every point because in the end, one point can make a difference in the fight for the title. I experienced that, of course! ”