McLaren expects a fight with Ferrari in the next races

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McLaren expects a fight with Ferrari in the next races

McLaren boss Zak Brown expects his team to continue fighting for 3rd place in the constructors ’championship with Ferrari but says some upcoming tracks are likely to fit the Italian team’s SF21 car better. Daniel Ricciardo’s win at the Italian Grand Prix, with second-placed Lando Norris at Monza, brought the Woking team 45 points, which now holds a 13.5-point advantage over Ferrari in the championship.

While McLaren's win at Monza is a good prediction for the rest of the season, Brown has warned that not every upcoming track will meet the qualities of the MCL35M package, leaving Ferrari - who needs to win this season's race - a chance to beat their opponent.

"Ferrari didn't have a bad weekend (in Italy), we just had a better weekend, they didn't lag behind," Brown said. “That fight will continue race after race, I think some tracks fit their car better than others.

We were very fast in Monza last year, and we knew that Zandvoort was not a track that suited our strength. " "If we look at the next seven to eight races, we see some (tracks) there that won't suit us, some that won't suit Ferrari," he adds.

"We've always been good at Monza, so we have to admit that we will continue with these ups and downs as we progress through the grid."


Despite his cautious attitude towards the last part of 2021, Brown acknowledged the importance of McLaren’s timely triumph at the Italian Grand Prix.

"It meant a lot to us all," he explains. "First of all, I think everyone at McLaren who has worked so hard for the last five years, but I know it's coming back to some for 20, 30, 40 years." "It was a great victory for the team and our sponsoring partners.

Many of them joined us when we were just making promises, and now we are able to start fulfilling some of them. ” "(However) we have to keep our feet on the ground, it was a great weekend, but there is still a road ahead of us."

McLaren's result was a surprise for many F1 fans, and really no one could have expected such an outcome. Ricciardo and Norris were great throughout the race and showed how dangerous they can be to their opponents. Obviously, McLaren have potential and have great drivers, just confidence is necessary. This time both drivers showed self-confidence and this will probably be a huge motivation for the next races.