Damiani calls on the Italian government to save Giovinazzi

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Damiani calls on the Italian government to save Giovinazzi

Faced with the loss of a cockpit, which would have left Italy without a driver in F1, Angelo Sticchi Damiani has called on the Italian government to save Antonio Giovinazzi’s career. After three seasons as an Alfa Romeo-backed Ferrari driver, Giovinazzi is believed to be on the verge of losing his place to pursue a career in the premier class.

With just one point won this season, Giovinazzi’s performance hasn’t been inspiring, so Alfa Romeo is debating whether to go with a brand new driver in which Valtteri Bottas is also a rookie or will keep Giovinazzi.

The team is said to be considering promoting Sauber’s young driver: Theo Pourchaire or even handing over second place to Alpine junior Guanyu Zhou, who comes with a € 30 million-hour sponsorship package. Team boss.

Frederic Vasseur recently admitted that signing Bottas means that "it doesn't matter if the teammate is a rookie or an experienced driver, we will benefit from Valtteri's experience and speed." If Alfa Romeo starts on a beginner's path, it means that Italy will be left without a Formula 1 driver, which is unthinkable for the president of the Automobile Club d’Italia Damiani.

It went so far that pitlanetv.com reported that they took advantage of the Italian Grand Prix by asking the Italian government to help fund Giovinazzi’s stay. "He is a great driver and we have not yet been able to give him a chance to truly show his full potential," said Damiani.

"I hope that the Italian government will take into account all these values ​​of Antonio Giovinazzi and move the chips, something fundamental that will help when the needs arise."


"We are talking, of course, about the amount needed for his continuation in Formula 1.

" "Today, Formula 1 is not like before where good drivers had no problems continuing to race. It's the one (person) who really deserves to go further, but also the one who has more digits in his bank account to contribute to the team.

" "It is our duty to defend Antonio Giovinazzi and give him the opportunity to continue in Formula 1 to show his true potential and develop as he deserves," Damiani is clear. Although Giovinazzi is a junior of Ferrari, Scuderia ranks him in the Alfa Romeo team, but it seems that this time it is unlikely that they will fight for the 27-year-old.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has made it clear that the decision of the Alfa Romeo driver is the decision of Alfa Romeo. "It's really the team's choice," Binotto said. "The team is really independent in choosing their driver, which is important for us as well."

"It's also clear that Antonio is for us, he's our backup driver, he's an Italian driver, he's part of the Ferrari family, he's a Ferrari driver, so it will be great for us to drive next year."

"We believe he's a good driver and deserves a seat next year, but, like I said, we can't influence the team's decision."