Hamilton may not need a fourth Mercedes engine

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Hamilton may not need a fourth Mercedes engine

Lewis Hamilton may not need a fourth drive unit this season as he currently still has ‘a lot of life’ in the third drive unit he used at Monza, team boss Toto Wolff has confirmed. After approximately two-thirds of the season, all drivers are on the third or fourth engine, and with the introduction of the fourth engine, turbocharger, MGU-H, MGU-K, third energy storage and control electronics or ninth exhaust system, the driver is penalized at the start of the race.

Perez had previously introduced a fourth engine due to a decommissioned engine from Hungary, as well as a turbocharger, the MGU-K and MGU-H while Bottas introduced the fourth elements at Monza which is why it started from 19th place.

A penalty at the start of some of the races awaits Verstappen, who, like Perez, previously had to take the third engine due to a collision at Silverstone, and he also faces a penalty of three places in the next race in Russia.

Although Mercedes announced that they expect Hamilton to have to use the new engine as well, because the price of giving up is too high to take a risk, Wolff explained after the race in Monza that this does not necessarily happen.

Hamilton gave up after 25 laps of the race at Monza, as did Verstappen with which he collided, which will reduce mileage on the third engines they currently use because he didn’t drive even half the duration of the 52-lap race.

“No, it’s not absolutely necessary because we’re still doing well with this drive unit,” Wolff said.

Final decision

Wolff still doesn't seem to know what the final decision will be, but for now his team has no plans for a fourth engine.

However, Wolff does not rule out the possibility that this may happen in the near future "It's a decision we can make at any time, but at the moment we don't think it's necessary." “Does that mean we won’t take the fourth engine? No, it doesn't.

We'll see what happens in the next races. " Hamilton says he hopes Mercedes has no plan to use a fourth engine in his car. “At the moment I still have two engines and at the moment we have no plan to use an extra engine, I hope.

But we'll see. " Still, let’s wait a while to see if Mercedes pull new moves and change things. It is known that many things in F1 change in a second, although some claim otherwise. So we'll see what Mercedes will do in the future