Wolff doesn't like the new format (sprint races)

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Wolff doesn't like the new format (sprint races)

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says it’s not worth to risk in a qualifying sprint race. The Austrian believes that Saturday's new format has little benefit, and the risk is so big that it is best to be careful for the main race.

Wolff agrees with Sergio Perez and currently sees no benefit in a qualifying sprint race, as the risk is not profitable at all in case they are in a good position. The amount of points awarded is very small, and the fear of making a mistake and thus jeopardizing Sunday’s race is much greater.

Therefore, it is most profitable not to take risks and keep the position. "First of all, we are all confused. I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what time each session is. I think the current sprint qualifying format doesn’t do much good because no one wants to take the risk.

It's almost not about points, and the risk of compromise for Sunday is high, ”admitted Wolff. The head of the German team thinks that it is not worth the risk because it was seen in Monza that overtaking was not easy because the teams have almost the same speeds on the routes.

"Currently, it's now worth taking a risk. We have already seen that overtaking on the track is not easy in Monza, since the speeds of the teams on the routes are quite similar, no one even gambled in the first two corners, ”he added.

Last chance

Wolff wants to give the new format another chance, the last experiment this year, which should take place in Brazil. The Silver Arrows boss believes it was good to try something new, but he’s not sure it’s a good idea to keep qualifying sprint races in the coming seasons.

"We will give him another chance in Brazil, to see if something will change - and that was a valuable experiment. This is the personal opinion of me and the team engineer, not everything is black and white." "I think it was worth trying the sprint qualifiers, but I'm not sure if we will continue with that in the future, ”said Toto Wolff.

It is obvious that a lot of criticism has been directed about sprint races, and that some things will have to change. For now, almost no one enjoys the new format and most feel that sprint races have brought nothing new. However, there are those who are currently satisfied with sprint races and want to watch them in the future. F1 will take a good look at things related to sprint races and make the final decision