Sergio Perez is not happy with the sprint races

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Sergio Perez is not happy with the sprint races

Sergio Perez believes that sprint races did not show a place in Formula 1 as they were quite 'boring' and did not bring anything to the current F1 weekend format as due to the short duration no one has a problem with tire degradation so there is no necessary speed difference which led to overtaking.

Formula 1 decided this year to try out the weekend sprint format with qualifying on Friday and the sprint qualifying race on Saturday which determines the starting order for the main race on Sunday, and after Silverstone the format was also tested at Monza.

But apart from the excitement in the first lap, which is already the most exciting part of Formula 1 races, the sprint races did not provide much action and the drivers mostly kept the positions they had in the first lap.

Perez started and finished ninth in the sprint race at Monza, profiting from Gasly's withdrawal and overtaking Stroll in Aston Martin, and he says the biggest problem is that to overtake you have to have a big difference in speed compared to the car you want to overtake.

“We had nothing to do, very boring,” Perez said of the sprint race for Autosport. "Nothing happened and I don't see any benefit from sprint races." "I don't think they bring anything in the current format."


It seems that the main goal of such races was to cause even bigger interest of fans, but like everything, and regarding sprint races, most fans have a different opinion. "But they were introduced to increase the level of action and we'll see if the fans are happy with that."

"The problem is that with current F1 cars, you have to have a big difference in speed to be able to overtake someone." Perez believes that fans are not satisfied with this system, since the races do not last long, and that it is difficult to do overtakes due to the rules that currently exist.

“To achieve that, you have to have some kind of degradation [of the tires]. I think they probably chose the wrong tracks as well. But I don't know where else they could try. " "The problem is that sprint races are too short [a third of a normal race] so you don't have any degradation."

"Fans would like more overtaking in the race, but with the current rules it's very difficult to achieve." We'll see if the fans will support this system, because it seems that the drivers are not overly happy with this type of race