Hamilton: "I’ll go to a specialist to make sure I’m okay"

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Hamilton: "I’ll go to a specialist to make sure I’m okay"

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he will go to specialist to make sure he is fully prepared for the next race to be driven for the Russian Grand Prix. Hamilton and Verstappen were in the spotlight again at last week’s race.

The Briton was returning from box, in which he changed tires, to take advantage of a longer stay in box by his biggest rival in the title fight. The seven-time champion got involved in traffic, and at the same moments Verstappen was coming at full speed.

Both drivers entered the corner together, but the Red Bull car crossed the curb - the rear end was lifted, which ‘walked’ over Hamilton. Thanks to the halo system, the British driver survived because the RB16B tire ended up on his head (helmet) - something that was very ugly to see.

Hamilton confirmed that part of Verstappen's car came in contact with his head and he had some discomfort after the race, so he will turn to an expert who will examine him to be completely ready for the rest of the season.

"His back wheel somehow fell on my head. I think the rear wheel fell on the Halo and the more curved part of the inside of the tire fell on my head, ”Hamilton said. “I’ll just be traveling these days, but I’ll probably have to visit an expert to make sure I’m okay for the next race, because it’s getting tighter and tighter.

But I will live, "he added.


As for Hamilton's 'instinct' to try to start the race again after the incident with Verstappen, the Briton explains that although he was in pain, he only thought about the race.

"Looking at the footage, obviously everything happened incredibly fast, and in the car I can only think about getting back on track and how many positions I'm losing. I was still in racing mode, "he explains.

"It's kind of like, how can I go again?" I sat there with a little pain, but I wanted to keep going. Unfortunately, the car did not move, "said Lewis Hamilton. This incident provoked numerous reactions from experts in the field of F1, but also from fans of this sport.

Opinions are divided, some believe that the main culprit is Hamilton, while others believe that Verstappen is an over-aggressive driver and that he must change tactics if he does not want such a things to happen. It is obvious that both are extremely motivated and that the fight between them will last until the very end of the season.