Simple: "Hamilton-Verstappen is a racing incident"

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Simple: "Hamilton-Verstappen is a racing incident"

The Monza incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton should come as no surprise. It was more or less a sign. We already said that after Silverstone and warned: this will not stay like this, much less what happened at the Hungaroring.

A war of words is guaranteed. What happened at Monza was reminiscent of the Senna-Prost fight. When Hamilton returned to the track, he was parallel to Max Verstappen, who was on the move. Max knew that overtaking at Monza this year was very difficult and he tried everything: two cars touched, and the RB16B climbed over the W12… Lewis stayed alive thanks to the halo system.

They both had things reminiscent of Senna. Max, with his positional defense, and Hamilton tried to beat Verstappen after coming out of the pits. Probably none of this would have happened if they both had a bad tire change. Max, who was ahead of Lewis with a small but steady lead, lost nine to ten seconds in boxing.

Lewis a little less, about three seconds.
Max tried to overtake Hamilton without waiting - he might have thought it was his only chance - and so did Hamilton, as he tried to get back in front of the Dutchman by pushing his car to find himself in the race again.

Prost's opinion about incident

After that there is a contact in which both drivers drop out of the race. Maybe that's why Alain Prost's opinion on this incident is interesting, because he experienced it first hand. "I usually don't like to get involved and I know this is going to be controversial.

I think it was a racing incident," said the Frenchman. The four-time world champion has already defended the seven-time world champion once after the incident in Silverstone: “Lewis is not a dirty driver. I think this is a racing incident." "Lewis played fairly and left the space.

Without contact, I am convinced that Hamilton would be the first to come out of the corner, "he added at the time. However, Prost explained that such things happen "when two drivers are in a close fight for the title. Max was coming with ‘hot’ tires and he knew he could pass or not at that point.

"He risked entering from the outside because he did that." "He risked getting in from the outside because that's how you overtake, but unfortunately, Max touched the curbs and that caused an unwanted movement of the car, which led to a contact, "concluded Prost.

Indeed, F1 will have to work on things like this and drivers will have to be very careful because there is no need for a tragedy to change some things.