McLaren: "We still have a lot of work to do"

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McLaren: "We still have a lot of work to do"

McLaren enjoyed a marked return to winning streaks on Sunday, but the team bosses aren’t thrilled, insisting the ‘papaya’ team is on the right track but still has work to do. McLaren’s triumph, the first since Jenson Button’s 2012 victory, is the result of Daniel Ricciardo's impeccable ride, a performance complemented by an equally brilliant ride by second-placed Lando Norris.

The Woking team certainly deserved to enjoy the win, but team boss Andreas Seidl was quick to remind them that constant success goes step by step. "First of all, I am happy and proud of today's team," said the German.

"I am very proud of every member of the team at home, here on the track, colleagues in Mercedes - Lando and Daniel." "There was a lot of pressure today because we knew we had a good car, and we also knew that if we managed to stay ahead of one or the other car at the start or we managed to overtake, there is a chance that something big will be done."

"The team is doing a great job with a sensational spirit, and it's great to see that it pays off step by step. At the same time, there is no reason to get carried away; it's important to celebrate today, but we shouldn't forget that we were destroyed in Zandvoort a week ago.

" "We still have a lot of work to do, but the direction is right," Seidl added.

Brown on their succes

McLaren boss Zak Brown, chief architect of McLaren’s 2018 revival who picked up the constructors ’trophy on the Monza podium, agrees with Seidl but also praised everyone on the team working to steer the second most successful F1 team toward the top of the grid.

"Yes, extremely proud," Brown said. "It's all men and women at McLaren, Andreas… our team leader." "I'm happy to have made a deal with Andreas - I've made a deal with the drivers - but Andreas and I have actually stopped the job, and that is for him to take all the work and win, but I can raise the trophy.

One of the best offers I have made! I am always ready for an agreement. " But Brown particularly highlighted Seidl’s brilliant management and leadership that has elevated McLaren since joining the team in the spring of 2019.

"Andreas is always very calm, which is great, I think you want that kind of lead in a Formula One team. As he says, one win and last weekend were not very good, so we have to stay on the ground and to continue like this" said Brown.