Hamilton is "proud" of the referees for punishing Verstappen

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Hamilton is "proud" of the referees for punishing Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton says the referees set an "important precedent" by punishing Max Verstappen for yesterday's incident to protect the safety of Formula One drivers in the future. After the race in Monza, Verstappen received 3 places of punishment on the grid for the Russian Grand Prix after the FIA ​​decided that he was mostly to blame for the collision with Hamilton that happened in the 26th lap in the first chicane and which caused both drivers to give up.

The referees are of the opinion that Verstappen was not completely parallel to Hamilton at any time, that he did not have a corner, and that he should have pulled back from the duel. Hamilton welcomed the referee's decision and believes that Verstappen's punishment set an "important precedent" for future duels between drivers.

"Ultimately, I am very proud of the referees. I think it took me a while to think about this, but I think this definitely sets a precedent. I think this is a very important precedent. Strict rules have been set to protect drivers, "said Hamilton.

Hamilton believes that some drivers have been lucky in the past when they caused controversial collisions and that there was nothing to stop them from doing the same thing again. "This will continue until we learn from our moves on the track, and I have not made such incidents in the past.

When you go through with things like that, then it's easy to keep doing them. "


Hamilton suggested that it might be a good idea to introduce a rulebook that clearly defines what drivers are allowed to do and what not.

It's some kind of ‘code of conduct in direct duels on the track. "We drivers are all at the border. When we have the inside, every driver, past or present will try to keep his position. When you enter the corner wheel by wheel and the car is next to you on the outside, then you have to give in and give more space when the car is in front of you.

” "There is a well-known rule that the driver in front has a bend, and the one behind must give up. We definitely need to analyze this and make sure the right decisions are made." "Nobody wants to get hurt, and if we have better protocols, maybe we can avoid things like this in the future," Hamilton added.

Verstappen, on the other hand, disagrees with the penalty and continues to believe that this was a "racing incident." "I do not completely agree with the punishment because I believe that this was a racing incident. What happened today is a shame, but we are both professionals so we will get over this"