Surprising: Daniel Ricciardo winner of the Italian GP!

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Surprising: Daniel Ricciardo winner of the Italian GP!

Daniel Ricciardo is the winner of the Italian Grand Prix! The Australian celebrated ahead of team-mate Lando Norris, completing the McLaren guys ’first double victory for McLaren from the 2010 Canadian GP! Although Ricciardo took the lead in the first lap, the key moment of the race was in the 26th lap.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton found themselves in a direct confrontation on the track, and the situation culminated in a collision that retired both drivers from the race. Charles Leclerc finished in fourth place, and Sergio Perez will have to settle for fifth place.

The Mexican was third in the finish but was given a five-second time penalty for violating the boundaries of the track earlier in the race. Carlos Sainz finished sixth, and a solid race was done by Lance Stroll who finished seventh at Aston Martin.

Alpine drivers qualified again, Fernando Alonso finished eighth and Esteban Ocon tenth. For the third time this season, George Russell placed in points. The future Mercedes driver finished ninth. The AlpheTauri team had a difficult weekend.

Yuki Tsunoda didn’t even start the race, and Pierre Gasly retired after just a few laps in the race. Daniel Ricciardo had a phenomenal start to the race. The Australian overtook Max Verstappen from the inside and took the lead of the race.

For Ricciardo, this is the first time since the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to lead the race. Lewis Hamilton had a very good start! He overtook Lando Norris for third place and was close to overtaking Verstappen for second place.

However, the duo touched the cars as they entered the second chicane, allowing Norris to return to third place! Daniel Ricciardo pulled the trigger in the 22nd lap. In a great box stop, McLaren put hard tires on Ricciardo's car, with which Ricciardo should probably go all the way.

Red Bull’s response didn’t have to wait long, but Verstappen’s next round goes to boxing. However, the perfect changes in Red Bull have come to an end. Verstappen stayed in boxing for as long as 11 seconds and returns to the track only ninth!

Meanwhile, Hamilton overtook Norris.


In lap 26, Lewis Hamilton goes to box early. Surprisingly early, considering that the Briton started on hard tires. Mercedes puts medium tires on his W12, and he stayed in the pits for a few seconds too long.

Hamilton exits onto the track behind Norris, next to Verstappen. The leading duo of the championship enters wheel by wheel in the first chicane. There was a touchdown after Verstappen flew over the curb! Verstappen was visibly hot-headed after wasting time in boxing.

The Dutchman entered from the outside line in the first corner, but had an inner line in the second corner. Hamilton didn’t leave too much room, and Verstappen didn’t give up. The result is a collision that both drivers paid for together.

The Safety Car comes out on the track and stays a full four laps, all the way to the 30th lap of the race. The situation with the Safety Car was taken advantage of by several drivers. After the race resumed, Ricciardo led ahead of Leclerc in second and Norris in third.

Sergio Perez was in fourth place, and Valterri Bottas made an incredible breakthrough to fifth place. Unfortunately for the home crowd, Leclerc quickly falls in the standings. Although he defended the second position from Norris in the first chicane, it doesn't take long for Norris to find a way to overtake Ferrari.

Then Perez and Bottas overtook the Monegasque who falls to fifth place, ahead of teammate Carlos Sainz. Perez, meanwhile, was given a five-second time penalty after shortening the fifth turn.