Brawn defends sprint race: "There was a lot of action"

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Brawn defends sprint race: "There was a lot of action"

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn, defends the format of the sprint qualifying race, as he believes the ranking now looks different than it did after qualifying on Friday. He also took McLaren as a reference and urged other teams to make brave decisions to take advantage of this experiment.

The format of the sprint qualifying race tested this weekend in Monza has been criticized by some fans for the lack of a spectacle, as well as by drivers like Sergio Perez, who did not hesitate to call them “very boring.

Brawn does not share this opinion and defends the experiment. "The whole weekend is developing, we have an event in three stages. Tomorrow in the race we have a completely different look compared to what we had after qualifying on Friday.

I think it's great in that sense, "explained the F1 sports director.

Middle of the grid

Brawn admits there was little action at the top of the grid, although this was compensated by fights in the middle of the grid.

Anyway, he sees no difference in the race to use, as most fights always happen in the middle and bottom of the grid. "It was a little quiet at the top, but it happens in races anyway. There was a lot of action in the middle of the grid.

Lots of action at the start, we had an exciting start. I think that's adding up, "he added. McLaren took great advantage of the sprint race. The Woking team opted for soft tires, while the rest of the top 10 opted for medium tires.

This allowed them to improve their position on the grid compared to Friday. "This brought a different look for tomorrow. McLaren made a brave decision. The consequence was that tomorrow they are taller on the (starting) grid.

When people start to see what they can do in the sprint race, we hope it will bring more variety, ”he praises. One of the fan criticisms relates to the fact that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are now away on the grid.

Brawn doesn’t know if fans are disappointed with this or not but blames the British driver for a bad start. Anyway, he believes he has a chance to fix it in the main race. “I guess it depends on the fans you’re talking to!

But today they were together. Lewis had a bad start. If he had a bad start tomorrow, his race could have been over. At least now he has a chance. "