Verstappen: "I will not have a new engine in Monza"

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Verstappen: "I will not have a new engine in Monza"

Max Verstappen has revealed that Red Bull have no intention of setting up a fourth engine to serve a sentence at Monza. The Dutchman will continue with his third drive unit this weekend, although he is not sure if he will manage to challenge Mercedes this time.

The Dutchman says that the current drive unit has not covered many kilometers, so it can easily withstand the requirements at the Italian Grand Prix. However, Red Bull will have to do it in the few remaining races, but it won’t be at Monza.

"The engine we use is still relatively new. We have not yet decided which path we will choose to receive the sentence, but in no case is our plan to do so this weekend, "Verstappen admitted at an official press conference ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

This Red Bull decision is particularly interesting this weekend, given that on the other side of the ‘ring’, the Mercedes team is considering replacing the drivetrain for one of the drivers or it may even be for both, right in Monza.

Monza track

Monza was one of the worst tracks, if not the worst for Verstappen in Formula 1. This is the only track on the calendar where Max has yet to finish on the podium. The Red Bull driver adds that he does not know if he will be able to fight Mercedes this weekend.

"I don't know if we will be able to fight Mercedes this weekend. We have done our job and hope to be competitive at Monza. But I don't think everything will be the same as in Zandvoort, "he added. The Dutchman says that he is not sure that there will be a lot of overtaking on Monza, and he hopes that he will not get stuck in the DRS train after he had it last year.

"I am not sure that there will be many overtaking on this track. Last year in a race I got stuck on a DRS train. I hope that this time I will not have to overtake too much, "he said. Verstappen looked back on his win at Zandvoort last Sunday.

The triumph in his home race was one of the special ones, as the expectations were high and it was only worth winning. "The victory in Zandvoort was one of the best. It’s always complicated to overcome the emotions of a first win, but this time everyone expected me to win, so it would have been disappointing if I hadn’t won."

"It was a great weekend, all the support I got was fantastic. It was a very important event for the state, "said Max Verstappen.