Mercedes ready for qualifying sprint race

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Mercedes ready for qualifying sprint race
Mercedes ready for qualifying sprint race (Provided by Sport World News)

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has announced that he will apply the lessons learned from the first qualifying sprint race at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend. The Austrian manager explains that the initial experiment at Silverstone helped them better understand the format and they hope to be in a better position for the second test at the Temple of Speed.

Monza will bring the second qualifying sprint race in the history of Formula 1, which will add even more excitement to a weekend that looks more than interesting. At Mercedes, they claim to have learned a lot from the defeat by Max Verstappen at the UK Grand Prix because they were better prepared for the second experiment.

"The second qualifying sprint race is coming up this weekend, which will add a little more spice to the event. We learned things from Silverstone and look forward to putting the theory into practice at Monza this Saturday, ”explains Wolff.

The head of Silver Arrows knows that Monza is a unique and interesting track in which the highest speed is everything. The Italian track sets the maximum requirements for the drive unit of each car as the driver goes full gas for most of the lap.

“In Monza, we will close the second triple weekend (in a row) this year and we will face a completely different track than Zandvoort. This track is an exciting challenge for everyone." "It's a historic and unique place, where the level of downforce is very low, and you spend most of your time at full speed, "he added.

Zandvoort race

The Dutch Grand Prix was not ideal for Mercedes as they were a step behind Red Bull both in qualifying and in the race. The team did their best to beat Verstappen, but they had to settle for second and third place, which at least allowed them to increase their advantage in the constructors ’championship.

"We just didn't do a perfect job at Zandvoort. However, it is clear to us that we have to show our best version in order to end the year at a high level, "the head of Mercedes was clear. It is obvious that Mercedes have prepared something special as always, and that this time they will look completely different than it was earlier in the sprint race.

Wolff is quite optimistic and seems to have confidence in his guys, and especially in Hamilton who is one of the greatest drivers in F1 history. Hamilton is also much better than he was in the beginning, so it would not be strange if Mercedes achieved a perfect result, which is of course first place.