Hamilton: Red Bull has ‘rocket’ starts because of Honda

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Hamilton: Red Bull has ‘rocket’ starts because of Honda

Lewis Hamilton believes that Red Bull has ‘rocket launches’ and that it shows how much Honda has progressed with its engine this year. Hamilton is of the opinion that Red Bull has the best starts this year, which gives them an advantage at the start of the race.

Verstappen and Hamilton responded equally well to turn off all 5 lights, but Verstappen was better at accelerating and maintained his lead before corner 1. The Dutchman and his team managed to withstand every attack from Hamilton and Mercedes, and Verstappen celebrated his seventh victory of the season on his home track, thus regaining the leading position in the general classification of drivers.

Honda's powertrain redesign is one of the main factors why Red Bull and Verstappen are able to fight for the title, and Hamilton said it was evident in Zandvoort, where his rival was "too fast." "My start was pretty good, but he (Verstappen) started like a rocket.

He disappeared. There was literally nothing we could do about it. They have made a huge step forward this year with their engine" "They weren’t that good at the start last year and I think it’s obvious how much they improved that engine.

The entire powertrain is much better this year in all areas — its driving characteristics and starts." "In general, they are the fastest at the start this year. We have a lot of work to do in a lot of different areas, ”Hamilton said.

Red Bull and Honda

Prior to this season, Red Bull and Honda made great efforts to discover the causes of their poor starts, and improved their procedures at the start. Already at the beginning of the season, it became clear they did a good job.

Honda managed to close the gap with Mercedes, while Red Bull made its RB16B a much more potent aerodynamic and mechanical platform, which they successfully developed during the season. Hamilton says Red Bull have continued their development and that their performance improvement has been seen in Zandvoort.

"These guys have a great car all year round, from the first race and we do our best. There were a couple of races where we were tied with them or a little faster, but those were few races. They then took a big step forward and it has been difficult ever since.

" “It’s very narrow and you can’t overtake a lot of those tracks we’ve been on. We have to keep working, we have to keep pushing. We are ahead of them in the constructors' standings, which is great, but we have to speed up so that we can win in the future, "added Hamilton.