Hamilton: "Max did a good lap. I was close"

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Hamilton: "Max did a good lap. I was close"

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says he did his best in qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix to beat Max Verstappen. The seven-time world champion was very close to the best starting position in Zandvoort because he was only 38 thousandths slower than the winner of the pole position.

The British driver was closer than expected, as in the first attempt Q3 was three tenths behind the Dutchman. Verstappen will start from the pole position at the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. However, Hamilton was close to ruining the party.

The Mercedes driver did his best to overtake the 1: 08.885 set by the Red Bull driver. "It was very close. First of all, I want to thank all the fans in the Netherlands. What a track. I appreciate the welcome of many fans, "said Hamilton.

The two Mercedes were three-tenths slower after the first attempt in the second fast lap than the time set by Verstappen, and they had to improve a lot to beat him. The German team decided to take Hamilton last on the track, risking one of the drivers to cause the yellow or red flag, as happened in the second qualifying session with Williams.

However, there was no incident and Hamilton crossed the target 38 thousandths of a second slower than Verstappen's time. Lewis also set a record in the third sector. However, Verstappen lost his DRS in his last fast lap, losing about two to two and a half tenths - but again set the fastest time.

"Max did a good lap. I was close. I missed the session yesterday, but I did my best today. It's hard to beat that "Lewis added.


The Briton then touched the fans who were in the stands of Zandvoort. He says he hasn’t seen fans like this in a long time, and he’s confident he’ll enjoy the show today.

"I haven't seen fans like this for a long time. I hope we will give them a good race, "concluded Hamilton We will continue to watch the fight of the two best F1 drivers striving to achieve their goals. Hamilton doesn’t want to give up and seems to want to continue his string.

Obviously, Hamilton is a ready athlete who has the tremendous motivation and a desire to succeed. Mercedes can be happy to have such a driver in its roster. On the other hand, Verstappen shows how ambitious and persistent he is, and we haven't seen this mentality of a driver for a long time. We'll see if he can take Hamilton off the throne