Verstappen: "It's not my responsibility if they boo Lewis Hamilton"

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Verstappen: "It's not my responsibility if they boo Lewis Hamilton"

The FIA ​​and the promoters of the Dutch Grand Prix, as well as Toto Wolff, are worried about the probable booing that will be directed to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. The Orange Army will certainly not keep silent about the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in Silverstone, nor the one that provoked Valtteri Bottas at the Hungarian Grand Prix - when he ‘swept’ a few cars.

The two incidents, which not only destroyed the advantage that their idol had in the championship, led to him falling behind the seven-time world champion in the drivers' standings. The organizers of the Dutch Grand Prix, led by Jan Lammers, have already formally asked fans to forget about booing and to concentrate on cheering for Verstappen.

But that did not calm the concerns of promoters and the FIA. Max Verstappen, for his part, believes he can do nothing about the possible booing of the Briton because he knows he will not listen to him. "When you go to a football game, you come to the home field, the opponent will be booed at some point, and it's not up to the local club to come to the speakers and say: you guys can't boo because it will happen naturally."

"They are very passionate in football, and they support the local team, "says the Dutchman. "It's not up to me to tell people that I can't boo because I'm not them, and I have to focus on what I'm doing on the track.

I'm pretty sure most of them are here for a great weekend to see the cars racing, and of course, someone will boo, but I can't decide for them, "he adds. "I can say: "Don't boo", but do you really think they'll listen to me?" Therefore, I simply hope that he will have a good weekend, ”claims the Red Bull driver.


Verstappen assures that the booing of the fans towards Hamilton will not give additional motivation because it would be bad to give him an additional stimulus. "It would be bad if it gave him additional motivation.

As long as it doesn’t affect Lewis, I guess you want to hear it: right? That's the most important thing. " “What I hope from the whole weekend is of course that everyone has a good time and enjoys watching the cars on the track.

Watching us fight for the best possible result. " The government has limited race attendance this weekend to 70,000 fans, roughly two-thirds of the capacity for the track, which is holding its first race since 1985. "It will be great to see. Unfortunately, it is not at full capacity, it is not allowed. Still, it looks very impressive, "said Max Verstappen.