Valteri Bottas wants a multi-year contract

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Valteri Bottas wants a multi-year contract

Valtteri Bottas says he wants a multi-year contract in Formula 1 and is excited about what next year brings. Mercedes has already made a decision on the second driver for 2022 and now we are just waiting for official confirmation.

It looks like Valtteri Bottas will leave the Mercedes team at the end of the year and go to Alfa Romeo, where he will replace Kimi Raikkonen. However, this has not yet been confirmed and perhaps Mercedes will surprise us with a decision.

One thing is for sure, Bottas cannot escape the question of his future in Formula 1. Like last weekend, journalists immediately wanted to hear some information about the driving lineup of the Mercedes team for 2022, but the Finn again did not reveal much.

"Maybe I know something, maybe I don't know. I don't want to say anything more. Things are going in the right direction. I'm happy and excited. " Bottas says he wants a multi-year contract and a more secure future next year, something he didn’t have before.

He joined the team in 2017 and always had a one-year contract. "Yes, a multi-year contract would be good. It's something I've never had in Formula 1 before. It could definitely give you the motivation to be fully committed to the team, not just that year, but to know that it will continue in the future.

Long term contract

"It must be challenging. It must be exciting. It has to be fun, in an atmosphere that I really enjoy working on. ” "I think these are really the main things I'm looking for. But, as I said, I still have a good few years in Formula 1.

I really want to continue with Formula 1, for sure. ” Whether Alfa Romeo's offer is challenging, exciting and fun remains to be seen. But this increasingly seems like Waltteri describing what he wants from the new environment.

Maybe it is in another team where he could get a long-term contract, thus fulfilling the wish he has always dreamed of. Of course, there is truth in the fact that the driver must have motivation if his team wants to succeed, but it can hardly happen if the driver does not have the trust of the team, and trust is gained through long-term contracts However, today's teams look at things differently, and Bottas will have to accept such a situation in the future. Maybe in Alfa Romeo or some other team he will have more luck