Mercedes sees ‘new opportunities to gain an advantage’ in Zandvoort

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Mercedes sees ‘new opportunities to gain an advantage’ in Zandvoort

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says new tracks always bring with them more opportunities to gain an advantage and advance. The Austrian believes that it will be crucial to do a lot of laps on Friday in order to have a lot of useful information for the qualifiers and the race in which he expects everything to be very close between them and Red Bull again.

"As a team, we like the challenge of coming to a new track. It will be the first race for everyone on this track, which means we will have a new opportunity to gain an advantage." "On Friday we will try to do as many laps as possible to get feedback and confront our rivals.

It will be interesting who will come out on top, ”explains Wolff. The head of Silver Arrows believes Zandvoort will be a very interesting track for riders. The Austrian points out that fast corners and interesting parts will be a big challenge for all of them.

"For the first time in several decades, we are returning to Zandvoort this weekend. It’s an exciting track for riders because it has fast and fun sections. It is the old school track, so I am sure that everyone is looking forward to this new challenge, ”he added.


In the end, Wolff admits that it is a pity that a proper race could not be held in Belgium, as it would be very exciting for the drivers but also for the fans. The fact that they shared 50% did not help the interests of Mercedes, which will try to keep the lead in Zandvoort this weekend.

“We still feel frustrated that we could not race in Belgium. We have never been in a situation like this before. The conditions were very uncomfortable, it was not safe to race, ”he said. “In case the weather allowed it, we would see an amazing race with all the great fans waiting for hours in the rain.

However, we need to turn the page quickly and focus on Zandvoort, ”he added. “Also, we lost points in both championships, but luckily, we won’t have to wait long for an opportunity to increase our leadership position,” Toto said at the end.

It seems that Mercedes wants to continue dominating again and that the good start of Red Bull did not shake their team, on the contrary, they came back stronger than ever. We’ll see if they can at be at the same pace to the very end