Vettel expects better results in the future

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Vettel expects better results in the future

Leclerc was frustrated after the last race in which he had problems with tires and therefore lost time and failed to make up for the lost time “Extremely frustrating,” said Leclerc after the race. “It’s been a very difficult weekend for us and the race was not any easier.

We had issues on the few pit stops I’ve made, which made me lose quite a lot of lap time and positions. Then I tried to catch back but then it’s very difficult for us to overtake, even with the DRS, so we need to work and find something, because like this it’s very difficult”.

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Bad times for Ferrari

Vettel is aware that Ferrari is not as strong as it used to be and that they have to work hard to become what they once were. The problem is not only in the speed of their formulas because they were behind much slower formulas.

“I hope [our issues] will be a bit Spa-specific,” said Vettel. “Spa is obviously one of the most power-sensitive tracks and we struggle this year when it comes to power, so naturally you would expect to fall a bit behind.

But… I think we were even behind the people we were quite a bit faster than, especially on race day, in the last few races, so speaking of Sauber [Alfa Romeo] and Haas, so there’s probably something that is not exactly clear.

“I tried a lot of stuff in the race driving-wise to try and drive around the car and its problems, but the underlying factor is we’re just not quick enough and you cannot pull out miracles. You can work on a couple of tenths, but I think it was difficult to have a decent pace this race."

“There’s a lot of lessons this weekend and we need to make sure we stay strong, stay together and we do the best we can,” Vettel added. “We have two important races for the team in the next two weeks, but you also have to be realistic… The package is what it is, we are not as strong as we would like to be, so we need to stay optimistic and see the good things, even if at the moment, there are not many.

We need to make sure that we stay calm and we don’t get frustrated, because frustration is not usually leading you anywhere”.