Verstappen wants a pole position in Zandvoort

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Verstappen wants a pole position in Zandvoort

Max Verstappen has won six races this year, twice as many as in his best year in terms of Formula One victories - 2019 - and is just three points behind Lewis Hamilton in the championship. After getting the maximum possible number of points at last week’s Belgian Grand Prix, he now wants to take everything possible in Zandvoort.

The Dutchman emphasizes how important it is for him to race again in the home race. The Red Bull driver hopes to delight his fans with another dominant weekend: win a pole position and turn it into a win. "I am really looking forward to the race in Zandvoort.

It will be special that we have a race in the Netherlands in front of the home crowd, but also as a driver it is a good challenge to go to a new track and find the limits with a Formula 1 car, ”explains Verstappen. "It was phenomenal to see so many fans supporting us in Austria and Belgium, and I hope we will be able to put on a great show for everyone in the stands this weekend," he added.


Max warns that this will be a challenge that drivers will especially enjoy in one lap, as it will be quite difficult to overtake in the race (although there is room). Therefore, mistakes will cost dearly. “It will be difficult to overtake on the track, but performance in one lap will be useful.

Qualifying rounds will be very fast, so mistakes will be costly." "After the race was canceled last year, this year is special, and of course, it would be great to win on the second home track in front of the Orange Army, ”he is clear.

The Dutchman is returning to Zandvoort - since he raced in F3, and together with Red Bull he did several promotions to promote the race for the Dutch Grand Prix - which gives him confidence that will help him start in the right rhythm from Friday.

"I only did one race in Zandvoort in a Formula 3 car. Then I was known as a 'son', now it will be the other way around. The track has changed a lot since then, of course, a few corners have been changed." "Already in a Formula 3 car you could really enjoy the corners, and they were pretty fast.

Therefore, I am very excited to compete again in a Formula 1 car with even greater grip, ”he explains. “Also, I’ve been with Red Bull several times on exhibitions with an older F1 car, so I’ve done a few laps on the new track with a Formula 1 car, which can be useful in the first few laps,” Verstappen concluded.