F1 will change the rules after a ‘farce’ in Belgium

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F1 will change the rules after a ‘farce’ in Belgium

Formula 1 will make certain changes to the rules to prevent a repeat of the scenario from the Belgian GP, ​​the outcome of which has met with harsh criticism from drivers, teams, and fans. There is big dissatisfaction in the world of Formula 1 with how the FIA ​​decided the result of the race in Belgium.

The weather conditions did not allow the race to take place normally, so the race management decided to drive 2 laps behind the Safety Car after a break of several hours, after which a red flag was shown and the race was stopped.

This was done so that an official order could be created. Verstappen was declared the winner, but few were satisfied with how Formula 1 and the FIA ​​performed all this. Lewis Hamilton called out the leaders of the sport after the race, saying that the Belgian GP was a ‘farce’ and that the drivers were sent to the track behind the Safety Car just to get official results.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is aware that the results of the Belgian GP are not concluded in an ideal way and is open to talks with shareholders and teams to change the rules and prevent a recurrence of such a scenario that F1 and FIA did not solve well.

The Alfa Romeo team also officially announced today, whose position was that the race should have been canceled completely and that the official results of the race should not have been concluded. Their opinion is that it was right not to hold the race due to the conditions that prevailed on the track, but that the situation could have been resolved much better.

The FIA ​​asked for a time interval in which they could let them to race, but poor visibility did not allow them to hold the race. The rules were that a minimum of two rounds must be driven in order to be awarded the minimum number of points, which was done at 18:17 local time.

FIA denied claims

F1 is reportedly talking to the race promoters in order to do something about the fans who stood in the rain for hours and who did not see the race, for which they originally bought tickets. The FIA ​​has denied claims that the two laps driven behind the Safety Car were a ‘cynical move’ to make the results of the ‘race’ official.

The F1 and FIA are under fire from teams, drivers, and fans, and McLaren CEO Zak Brown is calling for a change in the rules in charge of managing such situations. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali also denied claims that commercial factors influenced the decision to send the cars to the track 2 laps behind the Safety Car and to close the race.

Numerous drivers, including multiple champions Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel, have criticized the whole situation, and are of the opinion that it was wrong to award points when there was no racing at all. FIA Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi said the FIA ​​would ‘sit down with the teams and review the rules so that the ‘farce’ from Belgium would not happen again: "After this weekend, we will review all these things at the next meeting and we will see what everyone wants.

The FIA ​​is working together with all 10 teams and Formula 1 to develop the rules. We will go through various scenarios and see how everyone thinks, "said Masi.