Hamilton: "Fans should get their money back"

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Hamilton: "Fans should get their money back"

Lewis Hamilton says he is sorry for this situation and believes the fans deserved a refund. We all looked forward to the end of the summer break and the return of the car to the track, but unfortunately today we did not have the opportunity to see a real race.

Max Verstappen eventually took the win, and George Russell achieved the first podium of his career. After the start of the race was postponed several times, the drivers did 3 laps behind the safety vehicle, in order to achieve the condition that the first 10 drivers can get half a point.

After that, the red flag was raised and everyone was returned to the pit lane, which was the end of the ‘race’. "First of all, I'm really sorry for the fans today. Obviously, no one is to blame. The weather is like that, but the fans today were amazing, they were with us all the time and waiting for the race.

” "When they sent us to the track at the end, they knew the track was no better, and they did it just so we could do two laps behind the safety vehicle, which is the minimum requirement for a race." "I really hope the fans get their money back."

Hamilton believes that the laps behind the safety vehicle were done only for financial reasons. “We drove two laps just to get everyone their money. I think the fans should get their money back. I think the sport made a bad choice, doing those two laps.

” The Briton claims that he could not see even five meters in front of the car and that he could not push the gas harder even in the straight.

Vettel on the race

Sebastian Vettel thinks that the drivers today did not deserve the points they received and that awarding points in this way is ridiculous.

The race in Belgium was stopped after 3 laps behind the safety vehicle. After that, the drivers were returned to the pit lane, and the top 10 drivers from the qualifiers were given half points for the race. Vettel finished the ‘race’ in 5th place but was not in the mood to celebrate.

He believes that the drivers did not deserve any points today. “That’s a little funny, isn’t it? That's funny." "If you want to get a qualifying award, then we need to get points in qualifying."

"What have we done today?" I do not know." However, Vettel supported the referee's decision to stop the race due to poor track conditions. “I was in P5 and I struggled to see anything. I really had to make sure I didn't miss seeing Daniel in front of me.

” “There was a lot of splashing. I guess it was even worse back then. ” "When we came out, it was raining more, I could feel it." "I think the priority is always security, a difficult decision, it's not easy to wait that long and let people wait. But it was probably the right decision, it was getting darker. "