Sainz: "I’m sure the team will do their best"

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Sainz: "I’m sure the team will do their best"

Carlos Sainz says he is confident the team will do their best for today’s race after poor qualifiers at the Belgian Grand Prix. The Spaniard, as well as his teammate - Charles Leclerc - failed to make it to the final round of qualifying, which is a bit of a surprise considering what they expected.

Returning to the track after the summer break was extremely bitter for Ferrari. The Italian team arrived in Belgium with the ambition to confirm themselves as the third team in the constructors ’championship, but the feeling between SF21 and the great Belgian track was not seen.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc struggled to find the right grip, and in qualifying, in humid conditions, grip problems increased significantly. Leclerc vented his anger over the radio, accusing the team of missing out on time, while Sainz admitted he did not understand the reason for Ferrari's torture this weekend.

"I don't know why we can't warm the front tires. We have to study to understand the problem. " Špnjolac added that he had high expectations for this weekend because they proved to be fast in Imola during rainy conditions.

However, what he expected did not happen. Unfortunately, the car didn’t react like before and Sainz didn’t get what he wanted. “I went to Imola very quickly in humid conditions and I expected to have the same feeling here at the Spa, but it didn’t go that way.

So far it has been a very difficult weekend, especially when it started to rain. I couldn't find a grip at all. "


Sainz knows they have to solve problems that prevent them from going faster in wet conditions because if they don’t they will be tortured in the race.

Still, he believes the team will do their best. It will take time for his team to see what the biggest problem is and to compare the basic shortcomings of their car. Indeed, it is a pity for Ferrari, which started the season well, that bad things suddenly start happening to them.

They will probably now think carefully about what they will do next “At this point, we need to think about solving a problem that is preventing us from going faster in humid conditions. If we fail, we will also suffer in the race and end up outside the top 10 best as in the qualifiers. I am sure that the team will do their best, "says the Ferrari driver.