Red Bull bring more improvements to the RB16B

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Red Bull bring more improvements to the RB16B

Red Bull continues to make improvements to its RB16B car this year, although they are mostly focused on developing a car for next season that is designed according to a completely new technical regulation. Mercedes and Red Bull are in a big battle for the title in both categories, and after Verstappen and Red Bull took the lead in both rankings after the Monaco GP Hamilton and Mercedes regained the lead after the last race in Hungary.

After a major package of improvements to the Mercedes F1 W12 at Silverstone, the current world champions announced that it was the last major package of new parts and are fully focused on 2022 while Red Bull said they would continue to balance between car development for 2021 and 2022 Verstappen repeated what team boss Christian Horner said and announced that Red Bull would bring more improvements by the end of the season for the RB16B which has been slower than Mercedes in the last two races.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t say,” Verstappen said when asked if he was worried about 2022 because of the continued development of the 2021 car for the Dutch edition of Motorsport. “We already have enough people working on the car for next year.

We can talk about it as much as you want, but I personally don't know how good or bad it will be next year. " "No one knows so we'll have to wait and see."


Although Red Bull have lined up five consecutive wins from Monaco to the second race in Austria, Mercedes with the new upgrade package was the fastest at Silverstone and especially at Hungaroring, and Verstappen says they didn’t build enough advantage in races when they were faster due to bad luck.

“We had pretty much bad luck,” said Verstappen, who dropped out of first place in Azerbaijan due to a flat tire and at Silverstone after a collision with Hamilton, and in Hungary picked up severe damage in the first round and finished only ninth.

“We’ve lost a lot of points in the last two races, but there’s still a lot at stake,” the Dutchman said. "I think it's very close, but I think Mercedes has had an advantage in the last two races with its latest improvements."

"But we also know that we still have a few more things to get on the car." "I hope it gives us a little more time in the lap."