Carlos Sainz pleased with the car's settings

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Carlos Sainz pleased with the car's settings

Carlos Sainz expects an unpredictable weekend in Belgium. The weather was very changeable during the first day of the weekend, and the same is expected today and tomorrow. The Spaniard adds that it is good that they have found good car settings.

Sainz noted that when it came to Formula 1 the track was dry, but those other categories, on the other hand, were driven in humid conditions. Both of yesterday’s sessions were fun for the Spanish driver, but he knows it will be harder to find the right balance.

"It was a complicated day. When it was our turn to get out on the track, it was dry, but when it was the turn of the other categories, they were driving in humid conditions." "We tested the car, and it was interesting and complicated at the same time, which is typical of a track like Spa.

We enjoy it a lot here, but at the same time we suffer to find the right balance, ”explains Sainz. The Ferrari driver adds that the positive thing is that they reached a good point in the car settings, and he thinks that the settings they found in dry conditions suited them during the rain.

"It is positive that we have reached a good starting point, but we will see what happens tomorrow. Usually, our dry conditions settings worked well in rainy conditions, so we shouldn’t change much." "Of course, the weather was very changeable, you don't know what can happen, "he added.

Sainz is not optimistic

For Ferrari, the first day of the weekend was not the best as they were far from their usual positions, especially compared to the last two races in the UK and Hungary. Sainz’s feelings were weird, but the good thing about him is that he knows they have time.

"In case it rains all weekend, where you are sure it will be just a humid environment, the teams will start playing, but it doesn't seem to be the case." "We’ll see what happens, but in dry conditions, we don’t look so competitive.

The feeling of the car was a bit strange, but we know we have time. I think we have a lot more potential, "Sainz said. Sainz doesn't seem too optimistic, but we are aware that Ferrari can surprise and that they look really good this season.

Weather conditions seem to be a major factor in their success, and Ferrari is hoping to achieve its goal. Given the quality they have, it is certain that they can achieve a good result, but it will depend on many things