Red Bull confirmed Perez for 2022

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Red Bull confirmed Perez for 2022

A few moments ago, Red Bull confirmed that Sergio Perez will be a member of their team next year, and thus their driving lineup for 2022 remains unchanged. Perez arrived in Red Bull this year, and in his sixth race for the Austrian team at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, he came to victory.

The Mexican has been given a one-year contract extension, which means he will stay at Milton Keynes at least until the end of 2022 Although he had ups and downs, Perez seemed to satisfy Red Bull’s appetites with his races in the first half of the season, which was enough to earn him a new contract.

"Checo is a highly regarded member of the team and his experience is of immeasurable value in the fight for the constructors ’title. He had no problems getting used to the team and impressed us with his races in the first part of the season."

"He showed what he is capable of doing in our car. Next year we are entering a new era of Formula 1 with completely new rules and cars, and with over 200 races and a decade of experience behind us, Checo will play a very important role in guiding the team through this transition and maximizing the use of RB18 cars."

"We are currently focused on 2021 and we want Checo to have a successful first season with the team, ”said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Perez wants to help Red Bull

Perez commented that he wants to help Red Bull win the title and that he is glad to continue driving for the Austrian team.

"I am very happy to continue driving for a great team like Red Bull in the new era of Formula 1. This is a great opportunity for me. Everyone is starting from zero next year with new rules, so my goal is to be on top with Red Bull" " You always need time to get used to everything when you come to a new team, but things have gone well this year and I enjoy being part of the Red Bull family."

"We worked hard to achieve results and it’s great that the team has confidence in me and for the future. We can achieve a lot more, but we still have a big challenge ahead of us this season, so I hope that we will finish this season on a high footing and that we will transfer that momentum to 2022."

"I want to thank all my fans around the world, especially those in Mexico. My fans and sponsors have been very happy since I came to Red Bull and I hope we will reward them with a title, ”said Perez.