Verstappen very pleased with the feeling of the car despite the incident

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Verstappen very pleased with the feeling of the car despite the incident

Max Verstappen says he is very pleased with the feeling his RB16B had during the first day of the race weekend for the Belgian Grand Prix despite damaging the rear end of the car. The Dutchman finished second in the first free practice, while he finished the second practice in the first position - in which he finished ahead of Bottas by 0.041 seconds.

But Verstappen’s mistake led to the second session ending prematurely as he lost the back of his Red Bull RB16B coming out of Les Combes, causing him to hit the barrier. Asked what happened in the collision, Verstappen replied: “I don’t know, I just lost the back end.

There was too much understeer and I couldn't fix it and I ended up in the wall, unfortunately. " Despite the incident, Verstappen has generally remained very positive due to Red Bull’s performance in Belgium, which is traditionally one of his weaker tracks.

"It was good, I mean all day, we were pretty happy," Verstappen said. "Of course there are a few things to adjust from the first free to the second free training - in general, (I was) very happy. I think it's definitely a very positive start.

" Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez opted for different wing levels during the free practice, while the team tried to assess the best settings for Spa.

He was satisfied

The Dutchman revealed that he did not change his wing level during the day and that he was "satisfied with what he has".

“Of course (there are a few) things to consider over time. (It's hard) to say (what would happen) in wet conditions because we haven't ridden it that much so far. I think every day will be like today. It will definitely be quite interesting.

" On the other hand, Verstappen's teammate Sergio Perez finished nine tenths behind the Dutchman in the second practice, which was enough for 10th place. But Perez - who was announced as a Red Bull driver for the 2022 season on Friday afternoon - was still pleased with the feeling of the car.

"The car feels good. We have the potential for a good weekend, "claims Perez. "It will be interesting what will happen tomorrow with the weather, but yes, I'm looking forward to it. I think we should have a good qualifying session.

" "We have a lot of information, we just have to pick the best parts for tomorrow and make sure we can have good qualifications."