Hakkinen wants Hamilton and Verstappen to avoid a war of words

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Hakkinen wants Hamilton and Verstappen to avoid a war of words

Mika Hakkinen enjoys watching the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen out on the track, but he’s not a fan of the war of words that come from them. Tensions between the two biggest contenders in the title fight in 2021 have started since the first race of the current season in Bahrain.

However, new tensions between Hamilton and Verstappen boiled over at the UK Grand Prix, when there was a collision in the first lap of the race, which resulted in Verstappen giving up as Hamilton won the race, although the Mercedes driver received a 10-second penalty.

Hakkinen is concerned that if such an incident happens again, the rivalry could turn into additional disagreements that could end in a war of words "(If they collide again) it will end in a war of words," Hakkinen told RTL.

"In my opinion, that is not the way to do it. Action on the track should remove those emotions. ” Despite this, Hakkinen enjoys watching the World Cup fight between the experienced seven-time champion and the young Dutchman.

“That's what it's about! (They are) two characters who fight each other fiercely. One - Lewis - of course, has won the World Cup many times and gained incredible experience in defeats, in victories, in working with great teams.

" “On the other hand, there’s Max, he hasn’t won [the title] yet, he’s always motivated and he has an aggressive driving style. He really believes in himself, which is very important, ”adds Mika.


The ‘flying’ Finn might not approve the war of words between Hamilton and Verstappen, but he doesn’t see a problem with the psychological battle going on between Mercedes and Red Bull. “Healthy competition, healthy arguments, are always good.

Let them quarrel, let them fight, as long as it is constructive. As long as we, the spectators, get something good, ”approves the former McLaren-Mercedes driver. The two-time world champion believes Mercedes ’dominance in recent years means they may not have been ready for an intense fight with Red Bull.

“(The situation requires) a lot of discipline to control emotions and to think very carefully and speak. But since this is a new situation, people are behaving a little differently, ”said Mika Hakkinen. And indeed, the race between these two teams has never been more tense and uncertain.

Both drivers are very temperamental and want their team to win. Precisely because of this, this could be one of the most interesting seasons