Alonso announced the extension of his F1 contract with Alpine

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Alonso announced the extension of his F1 contract with Alpine

Fernando Alonso addressed his followers on social media and announced in an encrypted message that he would soon announce important news, and it is expected that this will be an extension of the contract with Alpine's F1 team for another two seasons.

Alonso returned to Formula 1 this season and after a period of adjustment again showed his best performance, both in qualifying and in races, and in the last race in Hungary, the Spaniard delighted with the defense against Hamilton in a much faster Mercedes and eventually finished fourth.

In an encrypted message, Alonso addressed his followers on Twitter, of whom there are about 2.8 million: "BTV vras ​​nduvrg ddwa," it began. “Eno iw giadt gby awa, Q’z xwptbvrg ewqf mn ndlr !!!!” It later emerged that Alonso was using an encrypted letter to say that followers were expecting big news soon, and he later translated his post.

“GREAT news is coming soon. And to interest you a little, I am writing in this code !!! ” His teammate replied to him in the same code: "I mtb lsu pkmecoyt evpl hdzx sue lpnx yzj'zr enydcagiyv agvatvpg ewln," which means "I bet everyone will immediately understand what you want to publish."

“Lpi’a fie, wtb’f wep. Iprc’vp vwg 24 lofga gs wzgs vx ofi! ” - "We'll see. We'll see. They have 24 hours to understand! ”Said Alonso. Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi recently said that he is extremely impressed with Alonso's performance this season after a two-year break from Formula 1.

Rossi on Alonso

"He's as fast as ever," Rossi said. "He took everything out of the car. The car is not incredibly fast, but he still manages to drive some super fast laps and qualify his car very well. So far, so good.

Alonso is 11th in the drivers 'standings after 11 races, while Alpine is fifth in the constructors' standings after Ocon's victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Given his age, most expected Alonso not to be competitive at all.

However, he shows that skills have always remained and that age is not a big problem in this sport. Most are really glad that Alonso is back because he reminds us of the old days of F1 when we enjoyed the performances of top drivers, although today's drivers are really great.

We’ll see how long he plans to stay in Formula 1, and we hope to watch him for a long time to come and enjoy his performances that have always been interesting