Wolff believes Red Bull is unnecessarily creating tensions

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Wolff believes Red Bull is unnecessarily creating tensions

Toto Wolff says Mercedes is trying to calm the situation, while Red Bull is doing just the opposite. This year we have the opportunity to watch a very tense and uncertain Formula 1 championship, which is increasingly turning into a war between Mercedes and Red Bull.

Following the incidents in the UK and Hungary, tensions have risen even more and could be said to be at their peak now. Toto Wolff was asked in an interview about the deteriorating relationship between the two teams currently fighting for the title in both championships, this was his answer: "Relations have never been great, that's because we are a competition.

But I would say that in this war of words we tried to keep our cool, stay calm and not fuel controversy and division among our fans." "The goal has always been to calm the situation. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the opposite is happening.

" Wolff says they have respect for what Red Bull does in the sport and stresses that this is a ‘war’ between individuals, not entire teams. “It is very important not to generalize Red Bull or Mercedes.

It's a team sport and it involves individuals. " "Just because some individuals disagree with each other doesn't mean you don't respect the other team and the people who work there, who try to do the best job possible to fulfill their dreams and overcome their own problems."

"So there's always respect for other teams and for the people on those teams."


The head of the Mercedes team also said that his team lost the status of the favorite in the championship after a long time, after Red Bull took the victory in five races in a row.

"The level of stress has actually been eased because we've had pressure all these years and thought we shouldn't lose." "Now it has changed to 'this is our victory' because the chances were against us.

Now all of a sudden there is the ease of access, which is quite pleasant. ” And just like Wolff says Mercedes can continue the season much easier given that they managed to catch up with Red Bull. Still, they must not make the same mistake and they should not take Red Bull lightly, because that is exactly what it cost them.

We believe that Mercedes will not make a mistake again, and that they will be much more ready and more focused in the future, although the race will still be very uncertain until the very end.