Verstappen after the break ready to dominate the F1 tracks

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Verstappen after the break ready to dominate the F1 tracks

Max Verstappen has not had any luck in the last two races, but that is why he wants to win in Belgium. The last two races, in Great Britain and Hungary, have annulled Verstappen's advantage in the driver's championship, but also Red Bull's advantage in the constructors' championship.

The Dutchman was just out of luck. Contact with Lewis Hamilton in Great Britain and a clash with Lando Norris in Hungary complicate the situation in the championship a lot. However, Verstappen has not given up and wants to return to victories as soon as possible.

An interesting fact is that Max never won, or even led in any round, in Belgium. "Of course I'm excited to be back at the Spa, it's my favorite track and it's really great to ride with so many fast corners and altitude changes." "I'm also looking forward to seeing all the fans who will support us and it will be great to see so much orange in the stands again." "I think it's a good place to go back to fighting in the championship, I'm well prepared and I feel good before the weekend."

Honda and Red Bull

This weekend, Red Bull and Honda will mark the 50th race in which they are collaborating, which is another motivation for the team.

"These 50 races with Honda will always be special and I will remember them well. Of course, the first victory with Honda in Austria in 2019 will always be the most emotional memory of our cooperation. ” “I enjoyed working with Honda from the beginning.

They always talked honestly and fulfilled what we expected. They spend a lot of time talking about everything with the team and us as drivers, which was very important. ” "Let's hope we finish this season very successfully before they leave the sport." Verstappen also commented on the three tied races coming in the coming period.

"A triple weekend is a lot of racing in a row, but it's the same for everyone and there are a lot of fun tracks to look forward to." “Summer vacation was good for me, it was nice to have a few weeks to rest and of course it was great to spend some time on jet skis.

It's a lot of fun to be on the water, but it feels good to be back. ” Maybe it was the summer break that helped Verstappen recharge his batteries and try to dominate the F1 tracks again.