Bottas: "Hamilton would like me to be his teammate in 2022"

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Bottas: "Hamilton would like me to be his teammate in 2022"

Valtteri Bottas revealed that Lewis Hamilton told him quite directly that the seven-time F1 world champion would prefer the Finn to remain his teammate at Mercedes in 2022. The partnership between Hamilton and Bottas is now in its fifth season, although it is under serious threat from George Russell, and the Mercedes boss is in doubt as to whether he will maintain the status quo or promote the young Briton.

The decision on who will be the new teammate of the seven-time world champion was supposed to have been made on the eve of the Belgian Grand Prix. However, Silver Arrows boss Toto Wolff withdrew this announcement for later.

For the German Bild, the Austrian stated that the second driver for next year will be known in September this year. Valtteri Bottas, who was dusty in the last race of the first part of the season for the Hungarian GP because of the chaos he created in the first corner, says Hamilton told him directly that he would like to have Finn for his teammate in 2022.

"Yes, Lewis told me quite directly that he would like me to be his teammate," Bottas told Finnish MTV Sport. "We can do a really good job together." “The fact is that drivers can’t have a big impact on that.

Behind that is a bigger machine that ultimately makes decisions, "he added.

Right direction

As the head of the German team said that the decision is postponed until September, Bottas also confirms that it will happen later - believing that everything is going in the right direction.

"Unfortunately, there is nothing to say. It remains to be seen what will happen. I don’t think there will be any news any time soon, but things will be clear over time. Everything is going in the right direction, "he stressed.

The Finn also touched on the other side: if Mercedes decides to sign Russell, Bottas will go to another team. However, he does not want to say who he will talk to. "I can't say who we will talk to and what is happening.

But things are being discussed so that we can find the best option for next season, "Valtteri Bottas concluded. By all accounts, Hamilton has confidence in his teammate, but the question is whether Mercedes management thinks the same.

The Finn is not at a satisfactory level this season, and most believe that Russell will be his successor. However, the Finn is far from a bad driver and we still don't know what the people in the Mercedes will decide.