Mercedes is postponing the decision on Bottas and Russell

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Mercedes is postponing the decision on Bottas and Russell

The boss and third-party owner of the Mercedes F1 team, Toto Wolff, says they could decide on a second driver alongside Lewis Hamilton in the ninth month, although he had previously said they wanted to sort it out during the summer break.

For Bottas, this is the fifth season in the Mercedes he arrived in 2017 from Williams, replacing world champion Rosberg who decided to retire from Formula 1 at the end of 2016, and the Finn was given a one-year contract each season.

The situation is no different this season either, so Bottas is still waiting for the decision of the bosses at Mercedes regarding the continuation of their career in their team, while Hamilton secured a new contract earlier this year.

The only candidate for Bottas ’place is Russell for whom this is his third season at Williams and who successfully replaced Hamilton at last year’s Sakhir GP where he was on his way to victory over Mercedes’ strategic mistake.

"We have to choose between stability with Valtteri and the talent that George has and in which the future lies," Wolff told German Bild. "I want to work it out in the ninth month so we can both prepare for the new season."

"George and Valtteri will have, whatever we decide, great opportunities, they will probably have more than one opportunity to stay in F1 and race in F1 in an attractive environment." "Most teams see themselves as challengers and expect a big step forward next year due to a budget constraint that applies to everyone."

Wolff stays in Mercedes, but ‘doesn’t have to be team boss’

Wolff added that he expects the fight with Red Bull to continue until the end of the season and commented on his future in the team. “Red Bull is a little faster on paper,” Wolff said.

"But we will fight to the end, we have to. Because this championship will go to the end. " “I’ve been thinking about going back to the financial world for about a year, but together we decided that F1 isn’t just a marketing platform for Mercedes that we want to use in the short term.

We want to shape the era. ” “Since I own 33% of the team’s shares, I will definitely be there. But that doesn't mean I have to be the team leader. " Of course, Mercedes' decisions in the future will be interesting, because both drivers are top-notch, but most believe that Mercedes will provide an opportunity for youth versus experience.