Capito: "George Russell will be the world champion"

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Capito: "George Russell will be the world champion"

Williams CEO and British team director Jost Capito say his current driver George Russell will no doubt become a Formula One world champion. Russell helped Williams escape from the bottom of the table after two extremely difficult seasons, becoming an expert in qualifying, and managed to win his first points for the team from Grove at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The British driver is largely connected to the second seat in the Mercedes for next season - according to various information coming - it is believed that this decision has already been made (official announcement pending).

Capito has collaborated with a number of world champions in both F1 and the rally world, and when asked if he believes Russell has everything it takes to win a world title, he replied: “Yes. I absolutely believe in that.

” "But it's hard to compare different drivers in different decades." “Everyone was very different, but George shows everything a modern race driver has to have to get to the very top and I am confident he will be a world champion.

I don't doubt it for a second, "he added.


Capito claims that when he entered Williams, he already knew Russell was good. He has impressed him in a variety of areas, and he believes he is balanced with the incredible talent he maintains with his work.

“Sure, when I walked in (at Williams) I knew he was good, but he impressed me in a variety of areas. It’s not just his talent, it’s his professionalism, the way he works, that he can also switch off and do something different and then refocus completely on racing again, ”he explains.

"He is very balanced and simply incredibly talented - but he also works very hard." "He knows his talent is no longer enough." “Also, I like his way of thinking, how he works, how he speaks, how he handles the media, for a 23-year-old, it’s very, very impressive,” Capito concluded.

Indeed, Russell is a huge potential who has a chance to become one of the best F1 drivers and has a great perspective ahead of him. For now, he has shown that in the future he could match the best, but it is necessary for him to be persistent in his work, and to remain equally motivated and ready as before.

Russell has the support of his team, and if he continues as before, we will watch him at the very top of Formula 1