Sainz: "I knew I was fighting one of the fastest grid drivers"

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Sainz: "I knew I was fighting one of the fastest grid drivers"

Carlos Sainz praised his teammate Charles Leclerc, who he says is one of the fastest on the grid, if not the fastest. The Spaniard started the 2021 season with several shorter sessions that Ferrari prepared for him for his quick adjustment to a new team with a new teammate.

Sainz showed better and better performance from race to race. Already in his first race (Bahrain GP), he won some points for the new team as did Leclerc, who finished two positions ahead. It was soon followed by winning the podium: it happened at the Monaco Grand Prix finishing in 2nd place, and his teammate did not take part in the race after winning the pole position due to an incident he had in qualifying.

The new podium followed in the last race of the first part of the season in the race for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The first part of the season ended in 6th place - three points more than Leclerc.

Sainz on Leclerc

The Spanish driver knows what kind of teammate he has next to him.

He thinks he is one of the fastest drivers on the grid and that is why some questionnaires appeared when the call from Ferrari arrived. "It was a new beginning for me, with many questionnaires. I knew I was fighting one of the fastest drivers on the grid, if not the fastest, in a car that Charles knew well and was well integrated into the team."

"You wonder how you will fit in there, ”Sainz said in an interview with German AMuS. Still, Carlos is very pleased to have managed to press his SF21 since the first race of the season - in fan votes he is even ahead of championship leader Lewis Hamilton - and hopes to be able to raise the level when cohesion with the team becomes even greater.

"After the first part of the season, I can say that I am satisfied with the way I managed. The speed has been there from the beginning, but I still have to work on putting it all together every weekend on a regular basis.

” “That consistency brings you points. I hope this will improve as I become more integrated into the team. The last few weekends, since the French Grand Prix, I've been able to cope, ”Sainz explained. We have to admit that Ferrari has done a great job with these two drivers and that they certainly have a successful future ahead of them.